2024 Micro Tour - Carolina Club
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T1... Brian Brumfield10Carolina Club / Gold786818+6-4
T1... Donald Anderson11Carolina Club / Gold796818+7-4
3.... Dale Beardsley18Carolina Club / Gold876918+15-3
4.... Stephen Marshall10Carolina Club / Gold807018+8-2
T5. Darren Fahlbusch19Carolina Club / Gold907118+18-1
T5.. Dennis Williams13Carolina Club / Gold847118+12-1
T5.. Lon Barnett7Carolina Club / Gold787118+6-1
T8. Ian Foster14Carolina Club / Gold867218+140
T8.. Rob Cresic7Carolina Club / Gold797218+70
T8... Armond Campbell11Carolina Club / Blue837218+110
T11. Lars Farnham17Carolina Club / Gold907318+18+1
T11. Shawn Witherspoon13Carolina Club / Gold867318+14+1
T13. Drew Lautenslager9Carolina Club / Gold837418+11+2
T13... Patrick Jones11Carolina Club / Gold857418+13+2
15.... Steve Gohn10Carolina Club / Blue857518+13+3
T16.. Scott Garber13Carolina Club / Gold897618+17+4
T16... Mark Haviland15Carolina Club / Gold917618+19+4
T16... Rob Burns24Carolina Club / Gold1007618+28+4
T16.... Mike Hilton11Carolina Club / Gold877618+15+4
T20. Dave Baker17Carolina Club / Gold947718+22+5
T20.. Don Buckless23Carolina Club / Blue1007718+28+5
T20.. Paul Vinyard15Carolina Club / Gold927718+20+5
T20... Russ Murphy25Carolina Club / Blue1027718+30+5
T20.... Butch Beckman17Carolina Club / Blue947718+22+5
T25. Ed Hazler8Carolina Club / Blue867818+14+6
T25. Kenny Baker17Carolina Club / Blue957818+23+6
T27.. Scott King14Carolina Club / Gold937918+21+7
T27.... Paul Street15Carolina Club / Gold947918+22+7
T29. John Griffin12Carolina Club / Blue928018+20+8
T29.... Mark Bernecker35Carolina Club / Blue1158018+43+8
T29.... Ric Anthony (NMH)0Carolina Club / Gold808018+8+8
T29.... Tim Matthews11Carolina Club / Gold918018+19+8
33... Carl Kidd25Carolina Club / Gold1068118+34+9
T34. Andy Fort18Carolina Club / Blue1008218+28+10
T34... Arron Vinyard36Carolina Club / Blue1188218+46+10
T36.. Eric Washburn19Carolina Club / Gold1028318+30+11
T36... Jim Collins8Carolina Club / Gold918318+19+11
38... Carter Old (NMH)0Carolina Club / Gold848418+12+12
T39... Jerry Snead12Carolina Club / Blue978518+25+13
T39.... Cesar Torres (NMH)0Carolina Club / Gold858518+13+13
T41. Jerry Sills18Carolina Club / Gold1089018+36+18
T41.. Alex Foster (NMH)0Carolina Club / Gold909018+18+18
43. Lenny Vawter22Carolina Club / Blue1139118+41+19
44.. David Griffin (NMH)0Carolina Club / Gold939318+21+21
45.. Ryan Vawter (NMH)0Carolina Club / Gold949418+22+22
 .. Andy Key24Carolina Club / Gold00   
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